Whalebone Pilk

Jeremiah “Whalebone” Pilk was a renowned whaler from Magnimar who became famous for stripping and rendering the whales he killed while still at sea, leaving only the whales’ bones for the depths. His penchant for frantically ringing the ship’s bell whenever he sighted a catch carried with his reputation. Obsessed with his own legend, when he encountered a magnificent white whale who managed to elude him, Pilk pursued the beast south rather than let slip his prey.

2,000 miles he drove his ship and crew without food or water to sustain them past the first month of sailing. When his first mate protested, Whalebone Pilk had the bosun lash the man for as long as the captain could ring the bell. The former first officer was dead long before the tolls silenced. In the end, Pilk’s ship was capsized and sunk by the very whale he was hunting and his starving crew was dragged beneath the waves with Whalebone still ringing the bell.

His crew cursed the captain and Pilk was doomed to rise again in command of the ghostly Deathknell. He now spends three nights hunting ships the ply the Fever Sea, the tolling bell stalking his prey. On the third night he attacks, slaughtering everyone he finds, claiming their skulls and rendering their fat to oil. Any ship that can make port before he strikes earns themselves a brief reprieve, but the hunt resumes when they again set sail.

The crew of the Slaver’s Reward has already driven the dread spirit off once, but an abiding dread warns you that he was not destroyed. You may yet hear the toll of his bell should he hunt you again!

Whalebone Pilk

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