Tales and Rumors

Stories and legends are an intrinsic part of pirating. Your reputation dictates your influence within the Shackles, perhaps even more than gold. As such, the isles are replete with tales and rumors, true, exaggerated, and just plain false. Those you have encountered will be documented below.


The Scourge of Cheliax

Tidewater Rock

Sahuagin Raids

Old Captain Mutiny

Fellhope Fish Skull

Shipwreck in a Bottle

The Oasis of Calm Winds

The Treasure of Captain Wolfe

The Skeletal Cutlass

Snare of the Island Eater

Jephram’s Catch

Whalebone Pilk

Regime Change

The Catacombs of Bedu Hanji

The Lost Messenger

The Urchin

Tales and Rumors

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