Skull & Shackles

Juju Foretells

The Last Words of Ajouga Baas

Mukta – What did I bring back from the ruins?
An etched table leg.
“He leads me north, into the mountains, to where the ground shines like gems. Here the Son of the Devourer rode the towers down like a wave from the sky. They fought him terribly as all fell. Most of the men and women died for their efforts. At last one still stood. It was she who drove the beast into the pit, though it bound her maha to the the stones. There she lay waiting for the Captain to come.”
A blue woman.

Kamilah – What should I be looking for?
Her father’s compass.
“Now He Who Stands at the Gate flies us west across the tress and waves, across the Eye, itself. The future is not his, but Kindo Kane tells me he can see the oceans on fire. He says Kamilah will rule the seas and storms.”
Red flames.

Hekima – What will I find, leaving here?
A juju bag.
“Something is wrong here, in the eye. He Who Stands at the Gate cannot see more. Hekima will eventually discover the truth.”
A yellow eye.

Kyoju – What did I leave?
Half a waffle iron.
“Now at last we set down on the jinx-eater’s isle. We see how they hide, didgging up what others have buried and moving it closer to home, not knowing truly why. They were never the first to hide something beneath the earth. They think their land has no arch, but they are wrong. Kyoju has left behind him every place he has called home and so thinks he leaves nothing in his wake. There is much of value he has missed. Much that will be of import.”
A white arch.

Ntomo – What becomes of the maha of those who are sacrificed?
His mask.
“Beneath the dirt we descend, where the ban are interred. You ask what becomes of the maha culled by the northern fools and now I see them. They pour down in flames to where lies drip from castle walls, where nations have drowned in their blindness. there the maha are ticked against a ledger, bound in the library of sworn oaths and used to fulfill a bargain of personal and terribly pride. Sold to the lord of this black sea, they are beyond hope.”
A green scroll.

Ruwa – What has become of my friend, Hasim?
Her dancing shoes.
“He who Stands at the Gate pulls me right and beneath the seas, where shapes dark and strange beyond reason lurk. The boy, dragged below the sands and hidden from the sun will never see the light of the future. He is held by the Master of Boats, with whom a bargain must be struck. The Boatman fears…”
“Kindo! Kindo! Kindo Kane!”
“He has me, has ripped me from my guide! I see fangs and claws and coils and wings and bright flame in shadow! He will consume me for what I know; I know he builds an army to attack the gods themselves!”
A black sea.


You remember when you first came to Mgange Cove, it was prophesied that you would bring a great change to the island.

Juju Foretells


Juju Foretells


Also, here is Ruwa’s original prophecy, that she has been correlating with the new prophecies:

“We are a people of wind, dust, and fire. Nowhere is the sun more a part of the land than here in Thuvia. Hasim understood that, his destiny was entwined with this intrinsic fact of our lives here. Yet there is a shadow cast across the sand and the boy is lost.

I see him beneath cold, dark, tumultuous water. Something unseen moves and oblivion stalks around him. He weeps, separated from her, from the goddess, from the light, but his tears add but a few drops to the whole. I saw a mountain fall. I will see a shadow drink the darkness of the sun. The lion does not prowl the sands, the snakes writhe hungrily, the bat stretches its wings across the desert. Corruption walks where nobility ought and it will bring far worse.

There is no fire. There is no death. No bones, no passion, no thought, no soul. Virtue is meaningless and sin insignificant. The sum of lives worth nothing, the balance nonexistent.

Yet a wind may blow and shift the sands. A bargain may be struck and Hasim freed, free to reset the course of fate with the course of destiny. He and another may yet be found. Together but not alone will they keep us real."

Juju Foretells
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