Skull & Shackles

Excerpts from Kyoju's Journal

Thumping Man calls it “Robotucan.” Must be some Muwangi word from his tribe. All tribes have words that are theirs alone. Still is good name. Rotgut and King Chicken now unified in purposed. It is always the same, the new is feared until there is another new. Then the old unite in lack of trust of new.

Island of Robotucan is still a mystery. Must go back. So many mysteries on the isles. Maybe Captain Shocking Little Man allow Kyoju to find more mysteries. Though Captain wanted to seek mystery as well. This is good for Kyoju.

Thumping Man takes us to island of his people, though not his tribe. Magic of Muwangi is curious to Kyoju. It is not like those of book and self, or like the Men’s Gods. Juju looks to be the magic of the place, and the magic of that which lingers. Colorful Dancing Man made Juju work. Thumping Man not impressed, seems like Juju for his people. Magic is for all. But there is enough for Kyoju if Juju is not shared.

Do all have magic? What is Magic of Wrathful Stabbing Man? Fights well, and glad that Kyoju has not been target of Wrath. Runelords use magic of Wrath.


10th_King AndrewHarasty

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