Character Creation

Character Sheet

Each player should create a page on this site under the Characters tab above. Character pages should feature at minimum a description of your character and a brief summary of their personalities for others to reference. The page should also contain a link to your character sheet, even if that link is concealed in the GM Notes section.

Please use the Neceros sheet ( located here )to track your character. Keeping this regularly updated with the most current information will allow me to confirm xp totals, work with you on character advancement, and reference your character’s abilities, scores, and equipment at need. With this, I can accomplish more between sessions and avoid slowing down the game.

You should also include an at least reasonably comprehensive background for your character, included under the GM Notes portion. Be sure to address the following:

  1. What brought your character to Port Peril, a hub of off record trade and commerce in Garund?
  2. What is your character’s highest hope?
  3. What is your character’s deepest fear?
  4. Who is the person that matters most to your character?
  5. What is your character’s greatest strength?
  6. What is your character’s greatest weakness?
  7. What secrets does your character keep?
  8. What secret about your character do they not know?

Ability Scores

For our adventures on the high seas, we will be using the High Fantasy (20) point buy system of character generation. Follow the table on the character creation page of d20pfsrd for rules on how much it costs to upgrade each ability score.


All of the Core Races in Pathfinder are allowed without question. Tengu is also automatically acceptable, given their relatively high population in the Shackles. All other races should be discussed with the GM first, although as a general rule I will allow almost any of the the Featured or Uncommon races. The Shackles is a melting pot, after all. One exception, based on Golarion’s own setting, is that drow will be forbidden as a PC race.


In addition to Common (Taldane) all characters will begin play with Polyglot as a bonus language. This is in addition to the usual bonus languages granted for high intelligence.


All classes and alternate classes are allowed in Skull & Shackles, although Paladins and Samurai are NOT recommended. If you wish to play one of these, please speak to the GM before continuing with your character’s creation.


Players may choose two traits from d20pfsrd for their characters, provided they do not come from the same list. A third trait will be granted to you by the GM to fit in with your character’s background. Feel free to make suggestions for this trait; they will be considered.

PLEASE NOTE: This means that you do not specifically have to select a Campaign Trait, although if you do not, you will likely receive a trait that explains your presence in Port Peril and fits with your character’s history.

If you wish to take a fourth trait, you may do so at the cost of acquiring one drawback. Doing so should be cleared with the GM. The chosen drawback should be appropriate and thematic to the character. A maximum of one drawback is allowed.

Character Submission

Please have a character page and linked sheet completed and up on the site by Friday, July 26th at the absolute latest. This give the GM time to review characters and allow time for any revisions/modifications that need to occur (such as the addition of one of your character’s traits).

Character Creation

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