Skull & Shackles

Things that Kyoju has Fixed.
Any problem can be solved with a decent does of black powder.

Kyoju is a respectable tinker and carpenter. When things are broken, he has a good head on how to fix them. The problem comes when something isn’t broken.

On the Golden Mule, there were the typical complaints of working the bilge. Kyoju’s solution was a small cylinder that had a small feed of gun powder that ran a piston. A rotating tinder twig would light the amount of gun powder to move the piston. This worked for about 2 cycles when the match went out and the powder continued to pour in. When the match was relit, the extra powder cause an explosion that broke the bilge pump handles.

The Golden Mule made port to affect repairs and Kyoju was sent on his way to go help other ships.

Ban and Maha
A story told one night during revelries

Long ago, when the Cyclops still ruled these lands, and the Old Mage Jatembe was not called the Old Mage, the great Starstone fell. The Mwangi who were one became many, and scattered to the four winds. It was a time of loss, when men and women became animals once again.

The Winye, though they were not called this yet, were far from their brothers and sisters, but further still from the truth. Over time, they heard whispers of power from a god of blood and darker things. Some began to worship this god, whose demands were great, but greater still were the rewards.

It was in this time that one of the Magic Warriors came to their lands. They cast out the worshippers, and brought the light of knowledge back to the tribe.

The first lesson taught to the Winye was that of the ban and maha. The remaining elders asked the Warrior, “What is your name, you who have saved us?”

The Warrior replied, “This one will learn their name in Pauxye.”

This made no sense to the elders, who asked said, “Surely you have a name!”

And still, the Warrior replied, “This ban has a name, but it is not this one’s name.”

In this way, the Winye learned of the difference between ban and maha, and of Pauxye once more. The gods were returned to their proper place, alongside the spirits of the land. The ban was acknowledged, but no longer revered, this honor for the maha alone. The Magic Warrior remained for several moons, returning the knowledge of all things to the Winye, but these are stories for another night.

A Gentleman Born: Chapter 1
as related to Mukta, wizard, and fellow captive

A Gentleman Born: The Unlikely Life and Times of Gene Kirby
Chapter I: Young Gene Kirby
as related to Mukta, wizard, and fellow captive

The tale of “Gentleman” Gene Kirby begins in a small tavern down a cramped alley in the Andoran capital of Almas. This particular tavern, The Mere Maid, was only a stone’s throw from dockside, and, small place that it was, catered mostly to sailors and salts familiar to the port. It was here, in a back room, behind the turnips, that Gene came squalling and squealing into the world. Whether it was the strain of the proceedings, the hot air of a Sarenith afternoon, or the shame of a bastard that did his mother in there’s no real telling. But what’s for sure is the little Gene was born baptized in warm blood and hot salt air, and there wasn’t a soul breathing who could bend young Gene’s disposition away from those particular tastes.
Fat Lemin Tuckberry tried, bless his heart. The somewhat spherical halfling bar-keep was Ms. Kirby’s employer prior to her somewhat unexpected and ultimately fatal maternity. He took Gene in and pressed him on the staff of the tavern to raise up as best they all could. By the time he was a lad of six, he worked part-time at the tavern. His full-time employment, however, was getting into trouble with his best friend and Fat Lemin’s nephew, Salamon Tuckberry. Along with their band of merry troublemakers, the poor boys from dockside made holy terrors of themselves in the name of adventure.
By the time Gene was a lad of twelve, he and Salamon (scarce 17 himself, which is not-so-impressive in halfling-years, mind you) thought themselves quite ready for a proper adventure on the high sea. The two had taken odd-jobs shipboard, and fancied themselves destined to become young Privateers. Both had grown lusty for the dramatic life of a Free Sailor: liberating slaves and making breakneck escapes from Okeno’s vicious raider-captains. Gene gathered Sal and their closest cronies together and hatched the bold and daring plan to stow away on the next ship bearing a Privateer’s standard that stopped to port. Their plan was a tremendous success, and the friends left Almas behind aboard a ship called “Beverly’s Berth.” Between Salamon’s resourcefulness (Gene himself nicknamed the young halfling “Savvy”), Gene’s unflappable morale, and some easily pilfered fruit stores it was on toward a full week before the stowaways were discovered and brought before the captain’s mercy.
The captain proved affable, if annoyed, and commanded the friends to make themselves useful aboard deck until they could be put to shore. But shore was never again to come easy to Gene Kirby, and so he soon found himself on the wrong end of his very first death-defying chase; a chase that would dash any hope of seeing shore any time soon. What the youngsters hadn’t realized when they stowed themselves below decks was that the very official looking Private Signal Beverly’s Berth was flying, signifying the ship’s good standing as a marque-bearing ship of Andoran, was not quite as official as it might otherwise had been. Captain Beverly, the right and legally registered captain, had died some long months prior, and the first mate had seized on that opportunity to lay claim to the ship, maroon any loyalists, and go pirate. Almas was their last stop to take on supply before making a break for the Arcadian Ocean and putting the charade of legitimacy behind them.
The ship made it as far as the northern coast of Rahadoum before the Andoran navy caught up with them—three ships rising out of the east and gaining fast. What followed as a tremulous three days’ chase: at times the Andoran ships were so close as to skirt within shouting distance. Gene and Salamon always took those opportunities to taunt their pursuers mercilessly. On the dawn of the fourth day, the alarm was sounded. The swiftest of the Andoran ships had come up astern during the night and a fight was at hand. Three times the Andoran navy tried to board the Berth, and three times they were repelled. But each time significant damage was done to the ship. Limping more than sailing, things looked grim and hope of escape seemed fleeting, until rising in the West came the Arch of Aroden and with it the indomitable port of Corentyn.
The Andoran’s chase broke off as Beverly’s Berth made for Port Indomitable and the Chelaxian Fleet there, and the day was saved. A quick change of course under the cover of night gave Corentyn a miss altogether, however. The would-be-pirate’s lacked a courtesy and harbored a powerful unwillingness to answer questions about why one Andoran ship might be chasing after another. And so young Gene was treated to the sight of the open ocean for the first time in his life. Likewise, he was treated to many long weeks helping to limp a half-sunk privateer-ship-turned-pirate-ship through the open Arcadian Ocean in a half-cocked attempt to avoid certain peril.


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