The Slaver's Reward

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115’ Carrack (Sailing Ship)

Hull: 10 / 10
– AC: 12
Sails: 4 / 4
– AC: 14
Crew: 42 / 20 min.
– AC: 17

– Fore: 2 Ballistae (2 fore) (2 to hit, 1 piercing damage each, 1 round reload)
– Port: 4 Ballistae (1 fore / 3 port) (
2 to hit, 1 piercing damage each, 1 round reload)
– Starboard: 4 Ballistae (1 fore / 3 starboard) ( 2 to hit, 1 piercing damage each, 1 round reload)
– Aft: 1 Light Catapult (1 aft) (
6 to hit, 1 bludgeoning damage, 2 round reload)
– Crew: +6 to hit, 1 piercing damage
– Ram: 3 bludgeoning damage (Hull only)


Crew Skills (can be used by officer’s in lieu of their own modifier by putting a question to the crew)
– Profession Sailor: +7
– Craft Carpentry: +4
– Heal: +4
– Survival: +4
– Knowledge Nature: +4
– Knowledge Local: +4


Top Speed: 20 mph
Carrying Capacity: 150 tons
Maximum Crew: 200

Sphinx figurehead
Silk sails
Hospitality’s Hammock
2 smuggling compartments


The Slaver’s Reward is a sleek, three masted carrack sporting a reclining sphinx as its bowsprit. Silk sails and a double bank of window around the aft decks add to the grandeur of the ship. Gentle stairs lead to a forecastle, a quarterdeck, and an aft deck and large grates can be moved from the poop deck to grant access to a spacious cargo hold. Behind the plain wooden wheel, a set of double doors opens on the captain’s cabin. A matching set off the main deck lead to a spacious ready room set with a table large enough to sit six (though it’s usually set for only four with the Captain Mukta on one side and three chairs opposite) and decorated with an empty fish tank set in one wall. Two storage cabins beneath the stairs have sliding doors which can be removed and used to extend the table to seat as many as a dozen. Below, Kyoju and Kroop’s eclectic galley, storeroom, and lab have access to the crew cabin, where Ruwa and Sandara both sleep, through a door and the captain’s cabin and ready room via a dumbwaiter. Beneath the forecastle, the officer’s quarters are actually largely unoccupied, leaving more than enough room for Ntomo, Grok, and Kamilah to share.

The Slaver's Reward

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