Mukta, The Fugitive

Slave, Survivor, Conduit


Mukta seems every bit the typical halfling male. At his full height he stands just over three feet tall. The jet black hair on his head and feet forms into characteristic ringlets. Pale blue eyes create a disarming appearance common to the small folk. Contradictions pop up on closer inspection however. His stopped shoulder and scarred hands belie a previous occupation spent hunched over a work table; a common sight among the countless halflings ‘employed’ as domestic workers across Golarion. Yet the sword strapped to his hip, and his apprent familiarity with it, suggest a life as something other than a slave. Mukta’s head is most often seen wrapped in a cloth bound with a thick cord in the fashion commonly seen in Qadira. When asked about his history, however, Mukta talks about a youth spent in the secular haven of Rahadoum, a world away from the ‘Gateway to the East.’ Though he tries to hide it Mukta speaks with an accent that is neither Qadiran nor Rahadoumite but is distinctly Cheliaxian. Even his name is unusual being common to none of the Inner Sea countries.


Mukta, The Fugitive

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