Rosie Cusswell



The belligerent, foul-mouthed, halfling woman is a masterful musician, if a touch violent. Rosie proved herself equally capable of performing a classical masterpiece as of rousing the crew with a ditty on her fiddle. She has threatened the limbs and genitals of any who get in her way and keeps her finely crafted handaxe keenly honed for the task.


Rosie’s greatest treasures are her axe and her fiddle and you earned her undying loyalty when you returned the instrument to her. She has threatened the genitals of any who trouble you and she made good on that threat when she helped you mutiny aboard the Man’s Promise. She is now one of Mukta’s riggers.

She and Ruwa entertain the crew most nights. Rosie’s excellent skill with the fiddle is a wonderful accompaniment to Ruwa’s dancing.

Rosie Cusswell

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