Mr. Plugg

Former first mate of the Wormwood


Mr. Plugg is a cruel Rahadoumi with a head shaved bear except for a single long braid off the back of his head, matching the short goatee he sports. Not a tall man, he dresses in a long, dark blue coat with polished pearl buttons over his bear chest. On his right hip he carries a well-used cat-of-nine-tails, while on the the left he wears a cutlass with a golden hilt fashioned like a screaming skull.


Plugg is a classic bully, eager to show his strength and easily intimidated. Nonetheless, he serves as the cruel captain of the skeleton crew assigned to sell the Man’s Promise. A man who believes that only discipline and the constant threat of ruthless punishment will accomplish anything, he wields his magic cutlass and cat-o’-nine-tails with considerable skill.

Although he resented and feared Captain Harrigan while serving as First Mate on the Wormwood, Plugg seems to have decided to take the ship as his own.

Plugg was scarcely longer aboard the Wormwood than you, having been picked up from Drenchport on Harrigan’s way to Port Peril. He was quick to toady to the captain and to make useful allies of Scourge and Narwhal.

When he was given command over the captured ship, the Man’s Promise, he was equally quick to take advantage of that situation, as well and within a day decided to steal the ship for himself. Unfortunately, he was even crueler as a Captain, himself, and you and the majority of his crew mutinied against him, killing him in a dramatic duel at the helm.

Mr. Plugg

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