"Cut-Throat" Grok



A tall, female half-orc with a scar running across her neck, Grok prefers to dress in black leather. She enjoys drinking with her friend, Kroop, in the afternoons.


Although she kept a careful inventory and was far from free with the ship’s stores on the Wormwood, Cut-Throat was bargained or deceived repeatedly into giving up gear to it’s original owners. Nonetheless, her skill with her heavy, two-handed axe has ensured her value in a pirate’s crew.

Grok feels she can trust Ruwa, although she’s not quite sure why, and came to her to confess she planned a mutiny aboard the Man’s Promise, intending to supplant Mr. Plugg with her good friend, Ambrose Kroop. She willingly switched loyalty to Mukta, however, as soon as Fishguts declared his support of the halfling. Grok now serves as the Master-at-Arms under Captain Mukta.

"Cut-Throat" Grok

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