Skull & Shackles

Victory on top of victory

Captain’s Log — Skydate 19EIJA.I

Today we captured our third ship. The Reward and her crew continue to perform above my expectations. This last ship had a trick up its sleeve. During the combat they released a manticore to counterattack. It was a bold move but ultimately futile. The crew, under the direction of Kyoju and Ntomo, were more than a match for that winged beast. After we killed the beast we took the ship easily. Slaver’s are, as a rule, not brave men. They can be brutal and cruel but when the tables turn and they no longer have the advantage they will fold like a busted straight.

I can say this with certainty because the exception to this rule serves on the Reward as my first officer. I was right in my assessment of Kamillah. She has proved herself a valued member of the crew and her insights into the mind of the slaver have been a great boon. The last ship we took was bound for Cheliax. She had been transporting a group of Mwangi slaves to that pit of hellspawn. When I saw the state of those prisoners I suspected the worst but Kamillah confirmed it. Those people were being kept barely alive to be used not as workers and servants but rather as sacrifices. The remaining crew of that ship were given their reward immediately after we had secured the ship. I felt it necessary to make a swift execution of these slavers to serve as an example of the justice that our ship brings to the Shackles.

Kamillah assures me that this crew was not like the Chelaxian vessel. Some of these people can be trusted and I have agreed to bring them on as part of the crew. I must be mindful that perhaps not all of the crew of the Slaver’s Reward understands my vision, especially now that we have brought on so many new shipmates. I will need make it clear what our mission is and why these most recent additions were spared.

In the morning we make course for Blood Cove with more people than we set out with. Not, I expect, a common occurrence for privateers.


10th_King MysticGundam

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