Skull & Shackles

The Excecution

Captains Log

Captain’s Log – SkyDate 19EIFG.D

The effects of the changes aboard the ship are still being felt. I have been forced to make a very difficult decision. When we took the ship I tried to make it clear that everyone on the ship was going to be treated equally and once we returned to port anyone was free to leave. This was apparently not enough for some. One of the crew, a dwarf known colloquially as Narwhal, was dissatisfied with my appointment to captain. He had been an ally of Plugg. He felt that my direction would lead the entire crew to disaster. While I was risking my life as part of the away team searching for Sindara and Joany, Narwhal was attempting to gather support to remove me as captain and murder me and my companions. Thankfully the crew did not share this view and Narwhal was turned into Grok and he bound and gagged when we returned to the ship. His sentence was left to me to decide.

Damn him. I would have kept to my word. He would have had an equal stake in the ship despite his allegiance to Plugg and Scourge. He was an ass but he was a good fighter and a strong hand. The ship would have benefited from his skills. Instead he forced my hand. I had to respond to this treat. He would have killed me and my companions and put the entire ship at risk. He should have waited to see how the ship could have been better. Damn him.

Yet I realize that this could have been avoided if I had not been so distracted by the need to rescue Joany. I should have made my intentions clearer to the crew. They need to understand that this will be a different kind of ship then they are perhaps used to serving on. I will need to speak to them as soon as possible both as a group and individually. We need to be united before we make port or we will never leave it again.

The would be murderer has been dealt with. I tried to offer him a chance to repent his actions and serve as an equal member of the crew. He was given the option to leave in peace and live on the island that had recently cleared of danger by the very people he meant to kill. He instead tried to provoke me to kill him on the spot and lose face in front of the crew. In the end I gave him food and water and told him that if he only option was to make it to the island under his own power. I did not watch to see if he made it. I hold no delusions. I sent a man to his death tonight. When I returned to my cabin my body betrayed me and I collapsed to the floor. If this had been the first time I might still be there rather than making this log. I hope that I never begin to feel at ease ordering the death of others, but I hope that in time I may become numb to the effects.


10th_King MysticGundam

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