Skull & Shackles

Ruwa's Letter

Bloodcove, early Rova

Shahnaz al Hala, Paladin of Dawn, First Order
℅ The Pathfinder Society, Absolom
There is no time to tell you everything I would like. A kind travellor has assented to carry my letter, and so I write with haste. I found no sign of Hasim in Rahadoum. The border guards were helpful and receptive to my search. I was perhaps more creative than you would have liked with the details.

Several months ago I arrived safely in the Shackles. I have been twice abducted by pirates. Do not worry! I am in good health and good spirits. I have fallen in with a peculiar and marvelous band of privateers. You would love them, Shah, you really would. They are true to their hearts aboard this ship. The Captain, Mukta (I don’t think that’s his real name), was a slave once. He sees that men can be redeemed, even black-hearts. But he is no fool; his judgement is to be feared. You would like him the best. He reminds me of you.

I have decided to stay on as a Ship’s Steward. Do not worry! I have a plan. Enlist the Pathfinder’s aid as you planned, it is a good plan. My plan just happens to be a little better.

We are currently in Bloodcove but leave in the morning to hunt slavers and liberate their captives. I told you, these are good people I sail with. Do not worry! Our ship is called ‘The Slaver’s Reward.’ You can write to us—send copes to Bloodcove and Port Peril. Where can I reach you next?

Your shield has saved me many times. If you’ve gotten yourself killed without it, I shall never forgive you. Be safe, Shah. Write to me.



10th_King Cunningdrome

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