Skull & Shackles

Maiden Voyage

Captain’s Log — SkyDate 19EIH0.G

The maiden voyage of the newly rechristened Slaver’s Reward was a success. We were fortunate to have free captain Pegsworth at the christening ceremony. No doubt his luck lingers with us, especially given the two ships’ anti-slavery missions. The ship and the crew performed admirably during the short trip to Firegrass Isle. The recruits brought on before we left port have integrated well with the old crew and once we have brought on a few more hands we will be ready to make our name on the open sea.

Captain’s Log — SkyDate 19EIH4.8

Well the Slaver’s Reward is certainly making a name for itself! Damn those two! Our first gods damn port and we are run out of town in the dead of night. Chased off like some kind of mummers troupe. Some reputation we are building. Do they not understand the fragile state we are in right now? This ship will not make it if we keep angering every port lord we come across. At the moment we don’t have the strength to take on a free captain should they decided that we are annoying enough to stomp out. We simply cannot afford mistakes at this stage. Perhaps Lord Pissant of Stopover Town 6 isn’t that big of a deal but who knows which palms he has greased or whose bed he will find himself in tomorrow.

I still don’t know all the details of the incident. Apparently there was a fight in one of the local bars. My first officer and Steward were involved, or involved themselves, and once all was said and done two men were dead. Kamillah says that everyone was alive when she left the bar and that she had no intention of killing anyone. While I don’t doubt that Kamillah is capable of killing someone during a brawl I hope that Ruwa would have been able to restrain her. Despite the ridiculousness of the situation I am pleased to see the two of them getting along.

I ordered Kamillah to surrender her weapon to the quartermaster as penance for the incident. A strange punishment perhaps but the symbolism is more important in this case. I know she feels the punishment was too severe but I felt it was necessary. Kamillah is my First Officer and I need her to be completely onboard with my mission, perhaps more than the other officers. She is my insight into the world of the slaver. I know at some point we may have to recruit some former slavers and I need Kamaillah to help me find the ones that will actually follow this new life.

In the morning I will speak with Ntomo. I want him to start working on training the crew in nonfatal combat and boarding actions. Kamillah can be part of this and hopefully we can more past this incident.

Captain’s Log — SkyDate Supplemental

During the night the ship was boarded by Sahuagin from an unknown location. Three crew members were killed during the attack. We will give them to Besmarra in the morning. Kamillah was spectacular, diving into the sea to fight off the Sahagin with Ntomo despite being deprived of her weapon. She may make a good example to the crew yet.


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