Skull & Shackles

Kyohu's Inspection

Touring the ship with King Chicken

“So this ’Slaver’s Reward.’ So Captain Sparking Little Man calls her. Yes, Yes. Is most likely reward is revenge. But is because the Little man was once a slave. Poking Stabbing Man was slaver, so man says. Slaver serving slave on reward? Kyoju does not understand man in this. or little man.”

“Squibbing Man did good. Beams solid. Extra room for officers good. Not sure of glass case full of water. Kyoju still officer. Not Bosun, yes. But Kyoju now is role of Cutthroat Grok Orc. Fishguts Cook Friend and Kyoju now with stores. Yes, yes. Is home for you as well. All are still here. Well mostly, Light of Untold Burden is now with the Captain’s table.”

“Red one will be with us. Man call him Rotgut. But name seems wrong. Is man name, not name of one. Still Good King, name will found for new one.”

“Captain did get new tools from Squibbing Man. Simple tools, for now, but Kyoju will fix and make better. Maybe make better ideas for them to throw. Need not change tool much, just new idea. Could make larger Muska, but that would take much good iron. Not much to be had here.”

“Took on more crew. Many new hands, but few worth a name right now. Most are for themselves. Still maybe a few will be known to Kyoju in time. Need new Cook’s Mate. Maybe find man like Kyoju. Good with ideas. Uses tool of head. "

“Armory still light. Still more will come with as Captain Rewards other ships.”

“Kyoju still needs to fix Bilge.”


10th_King AndrewHarasty

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